My Services.

Floral Design

After 18 years of designing with flowers for many occasions, the goal remains the same – to create visual expressions for every occasion.


Each “Thank You”, “So Sorry”, “You Are Precious to Me” moment, flowers can say all this and more. That’s why designing with them is a privilege.


Wedding Design 


Wedding florals are an aesthetic of love. Walking down the aisle, passing your loved ones and finally standing by your beloved is perfection. That moment of expressing your dreams, love, and commitment to each other inspires a sacred and powerful joy. It has taken a lot of time, effort, worry, and excitement to get to this moment, but it was worth every step of the way. Stunning wedding flowers set this scene and and help you express everything about who you are to each other.

Event Design

A space is just a space until the imagination transforms it into something special. So whether it is a meeting space, retail space, wedding space, or corporate networking space, we create environments that are both seen and felt, experienced and remembered.


The creation of authentic moments is inspired by your story, experiences, and the experience you wish your guests to have. All spaces give me the opportunity to discover the personal uniqueness of my clients intention and bring it to life.


Whether it’s creating an English garden in the Pacific Northwest, and asian experience in a Tudor home, or a live art installation in a blank forest space, the goal is to create remarkable and personal experienced that excite the imagination.

Staging & Redesign

We offer staging and redesign services that go far beyond simply filling empty spaces. We stage and redesign rooms to evoke emotions of comfort, pleasure, security, and aspiration – all complimenting your home and personal style.


Staging for sale transforms a home back into a house. Redesigning for living transforms what is old into something new.


Whether staging or designing, we create warm, open, and accessible vignettes that inspire clients to say “I want to live in this space.”




When staging your house, our designs focus on three things – grabbing a buyers attention, keeping agents returning, and staying true to the seller’s priorities.




When redesigning your home, we help you work with the furniture and decor you own to make your every-day spaces feel fresh and alive.

Corporate & Networking Site Design

Strategic choices are an integral part of business goals. Intentional  and creative design choices can help establish an environment of trust, showcase exceptional attention to detail, and build a physical brand extension that fuels your business relationships.


I have shared my industry design talents with small-to-medium sized firms and Fortune 500 companies alike. I have created brand extension experiences for business meetings, music festivals, and commemorate cooperate occasions from California to the East Coast.