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Home Staging

We know the purpose of staging a home is to help sell it. There are many approaches you take to that and mine is to generate emotions within a potential buyer which allows them to see themselves living in this home.

Homes that have been emptied are hollow. The furniture and decor brought in, is not only to change the quality of sound but to bring the imagination to life. The maxim of accentuating the positives while minimizing the negatives is to me one the most important guidelines. Though I hold to the maxim I must remain flexible with each house. Each house comes with fixed architectural parameters (a gorgeous window faces an unkempt neighboring back yard) that positive, the window, has to be downplayed, and the ability to see through the glass be reduced so the unkempt yard does not have a negative influence on the buyer.

Homes that have families living in them while the house is on the market is a more complicated undertaking and requires more engagement of the agent and stager in helping the owners live in a home while it is being converted back into a house.

Communication of needs and wants, honest gentle assessments of what will work and what needs to change is not a single visit undertaking. I have worked with numerous families selling the home they are living in. I have found many ways to include prized objects in the staging or to repurpose dissonantly designed furniture into something that blends in serving a purpose of not standing out… It’s hard to do but it is so satisfying when, honoring what is precious to the sellers, trust begins to flow.

Visual Merchandising

My job is to create an enticing and tempting environment that stimulates the curiosity of the customer; a visual invitation.

In addition, though not obvious, is making sure I create an observable presentation of the corporate mission statement. Fantastic merchandise stimulates creativity. It is so important, yet admittedly challenging to project a large corporation’s international presence, keeping it universally aligned with the brand all the while speaking to the local customer. Meeting that challenge is where the visceral joy of creating comes in for me.

The smaller, one off enterprises’ has to prioritize their stock placement and presentations. This merchandise is the seedling from which a brand grows, and the business will thrive. Distinguishing your products even you sell only towels based upon the goals set help a proprietor encourage customers to purchase their more expensive or harder to get products.

I approach the visual presentation as part of a puzzle. This store, my store, becomes 1 of the 4 corners of a look that is always evolving.

A lot of intellectual, well-resourced thought directs the visual. The skill needed to maintain command of inventory- what is working and what is not – actually becomes a great guide and helps me keep on top of what is possible on the floor.

My experience tells me that my success is measured by how timely the change directives are executed in a visually compelling way, ultimately marrying the customer to the store.

Space Reimagined

Whether it is your whole home you have been in for 15 years or the den your teenagers abandoned when they went off  college you feel, you want, you need to refresh your space. To wake it back up. 

A good example I experience frequently is when I take an object that I love but has been hidden, mostly likely by a plant ,and move out into a space of its own adjacent to that which compliments it and makes the object feel brand new.   

There are many ways I can help you through consultation only, to working together to transform the space into something entirely fresh and new. And no it need not be the cost of an interior decorator whose work is far more complex than refreshing need be.

Prop Styling

Having an experienced prop stylist on hand to aid the photographer and the lighting techs saves time  and money while increasing the photographer’s ability to deliver a beautifully curated image.

Whether a Headshot or a product shot it all comes down to the details. Having a professional prop stylist on hand to make suggestions and help contribute to the design of the vignette enables the client to have their product shot subtly enhanced and felt.

For personal photography “head-shots” wardrobe,make-up and hair are  critical elements of illustrating the subject’s personality. The use of props in personal photography are essential in enhancing the mood, style, and singularity; an expression of the essential characteristics of the subject. Whether to wear the pearls or hold the pearls in a hand can change the emotional tenor of the image that is captured.

My education by master photographers and my 25 years of experience has taught me framing is key and having a stylist standing by for the photographer with choices of elements as well as a trained eye to see what  may help or what maybe interrupting the success of achieving the best frame becomes invaluable.