Your budget is not a limitation.

Your budget serves as a guide. Budgets often offer a challenge that directs us towards wonderful options which otherwise would not have been discovered.

Each event’s story needs to work within the context of all the other  choices that are being made. Whether by clients, stakeholders, management, customers, the home being sold, the couple getting married, the visual style, the flow of the event, the purpose, or the timeline – these all serve as a map that guides us towards success.

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What Clients Say

If I could bottle Leslie up and carry her in my pocket, I would. And if I did, I’m quite certain my life would be more colorful, more stylish, and more all- around fabulous thanks to Leslie’s good influence. Leslie has an uncanny ability to know just what you want, even without you saying it out loud. She knows people, she knows flowers, she knows lighting and space and vibe and the importance of having everything look just so. She is it.

– Bess Kennedy

It isn’t often that the investment of Staging a property for sale pays off so obviously and directly for an owner. However in the case of Leslie’s staging skills, , her services were an excellent investment for my client. Leslie transformed a house that was constructed and furnished in the mid-1980s into a home that felt welcoming and contemporary for buyers. She was able to work within the owner’s budget an creatively reuse items in the house to pull together a cohesive look in a three level 4000 square foo home. Leslie’s help made my job easier since my client felt the house was being presented in a beautiful manner and we were doing everything possible to make the home stand out in a buyer’s market. I highly recommend the Real Estate staging services provided by Leslie Ginnes/Petals and Twist.

– Mary Clure, Owner and Broker of Orcas Island Realty

Planning on listing your home? Leslie is your #1 choice. When my colleague and I listed 8 newly built Craftsman Cottages they had not been selling. Our rst step was to bring Leslie in. She assessed the situation, saw they had a good product that was lacking in imagination for the buyer. Her choice was to stage two cottages buying a collection for two homes keeping within a small budget Very tastefully done, very attractive and very on target. She is amazing. I am happy to say all cottages were sold in one year. The last two buyers were lucky enough to purchase separately the lovely furniture and accessories. Yes she is superb at design, weddings and floral….but do not forget her talent for staging homes to sell.

– Gwyneth Burrill Windermere, Orcas Island Realty

It’s all about the details; showing you care enough sends people away with the feeling they matter, Or that what we see affects our attitudes; how P&T helps you foster the goal of connections and a festive mood. We can’t say enough about Leslie and her team. They come highly recommended. Love what you do for BOS Digital, it is so valuable.

– Jeff Robinson, CEO BOS Digital