What we remember most in our lives are not the things we collect but the experiences we have had. Getting married is an opportunity for an exceptional experience. Once had, it will transform into memories that ripens beautifully with time.

Important contributors to that experience are the people you meet along the way, who join up and in and conspire with you to make the exceptional experience happen.

We at P &T  are your co-conspirators. We conspire with you in sharing the love, joy and delight you have found in each other with your friends and family.

Orcas Island is also a co-conspirator offering extraordinary water views, logs carpeted with deep green moss, deer who eat out of your hand, the sense of time standing still. all as the backdrop and context of this memory in the making.

Each of us at P & T adds something unique to every wedding we do. Whether it is finessing colour, shape and texture with flowers, solving a problem you never knew existed, thinking of the perfect detail that completes the picture, or  serving as witness to your journey through the planning process, we conspire to make your love as ripe and juicy a memory as possible.

We ask each of our clients to list in order of importance the priorities for the wedding. It seems only fair that we do the same for you.

Our priorities for our clients are:
1. peace of mind
2. sense of deep satisfaction
3. the emotional space to be really present
4. delight with what is created for them.

We also ask each client to describe themselves and the vision they have for their wedding day.
So how would we describe ourselves?

We want this blog to be a doorway onto Orcas Island, Petals and Twist and into the memory you are about to create.

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