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Leslie Ginnes


The satisfaction derived in creating a peaceful,  balanced living space – igniting inspiration with the power of a beautiful vignette – is a privilege and a pleasure for me. 

The emergence of my aptitude for design is a wonderful but totally surprising gift given me.  I do credit my past professional experiences for providing me with a strong foundation.. I worked for years in the commercial film industry beside some of the most gifted artists in the world. Oscar-winning directors and cinematographers, magic making production designers all  taught me by example how to frame a scene. Art Directors skilled in transforming bare sound stages into chambers of awe and beauty showed me the power of a perfectly placed object. Directors and Executive Producers instilled in me the knowledge that the word “no” does not exist, and if you are late you better have a note from your mortician.

Design work is a daily reminder to stay present and pay attention. Every detail matters. The cumulative effect of those details makes the magic happen.

My professional and life experiences have proven to me that understanding the emotions and demands of each person in every project is the backbone of success. This understanding is as important as any amount of style and talent.

I am deeply grateful for all I have been invited to learn and do and all I have been invited to create!

What Clients Say

Planning on listing your home? Leslie is your #1 choice. When my colleague and I listed 8 newly built Craftsman Cottages they had not been selling. Our rst step was to bring Leslie in. She assessed the situation, saw they had a good product that was lacking in imagination for the buyer. Her choice was to stage two cottages buying a collection for two homes keeping within a small budget Very tastefully done, very attractive and very on target. She is amazing. I am happy to say all cottages were sold in one year. The last two buyers were lucky enough to purchase separately the lovely furniture and accessories. Yes she is superb at design, weddings and floral….but do not forget her talent for staging homes to sell.

Gwyneth Burrill Windermere

It’s all about the details; showing you care enough sends people away with the feeling they matter, Or that what we see affects our attitudes; how P&T helps you foster the goal of connections and a festive mood. We can’t say enough about Leslie and her team. They come highly recommended. Love what you do for BOS Digital, it is so valuable.

Jeff Robinson

Petals and Twist was prompt, easy to talk to, and completely professional at every turn. Leslie did a great job of talking me through the process of envisioning what our flowers might look like by sending photos along with the descriptions. On the wedding day the space began looking nice, but by the time the flowers were delivered and the tables were filled with flowers, everything looked truly stunning and even more beautiful than I had imagined!

Jaadi and Jeffrey

If I could bottle Leslie up and carry her in my pocket, I would. And if I did, I’m quite certain my life would be more colorful, more stylish, and more all- around fabulous thanks to Leslie’s good influence. Leslie has an uncanny ability to know just what you want, even without you saying it out loud. She knows people, she knows flowers, she knows lighting and space and vibe and the importance of having everything look just so. She is it.

Bess Kennedy