Floral Designer

Creating spaces and moments that are felt, not just seen

Meet Leslie

I did not choose floral design. It chose me. I never looked back. Weddings have played a big part in my life, 15 years. That’s just not possible!   My secret pleasure is experiencing your joy when you first see your bouquet, witnessing the look in a parent’s eye when their flower is pinned on them.  This is what design is for. That is the impetus behind all of my work. I would be honored to help tell your visual story and create for you, to enhance the beauty of your day.

The way flowers work together constantly challenges me to really look and truly see. Always attuned to why certain placements work and others do not. I find this unique balance of respecting what is natural, ‘can a butterfly fly through these stems’, while expressing what is wanted, ‘the graphic simplicity of an engineer’s preference’ or ‘the whimsical creation, honoring Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’. The satisfaction of finding that balance is my happy place.

So, a little bit about my background. I worked in the film industry in New York and. During my producing career, I had the unparallel good fortune to work with Oscar winning cinematographers whose eyes taught me about framing the scene,  while Art Directors showed me the power of the perfectly placed object. Together their talents transformed bare sound states into other worlds. 

Now, I channel their talent for magic making  and integrate it with your personality to produce a visual story that delights and inspires. Working together, my goal is to guide you through an intentional discovery process that will breathe life, meaning, and balance into your flower story that is felt not just seen.