Meet Leslie

There is no simple way to explain the pure joy I feel when playing with spaces. The satisfaction from creating a peaceful balance in a living space – from stirring inspiration with the power of a beautiful vignette – is a privilege and a pleasure.

My aptitude for design is a mysterious gift that I credit to my past experiences. I worked for years in the film business beside some of the most gifted artists in the world. Oscar-winning cinematographers taught me how to frame a scene. Art Directors skilled in transforming bare sound stages into chambers of awe and beauty showed me the power of a perfectly placed object. Directors and Executive Producers instilled in me the knowledge that the word “no” does not exist, and if you are late you better have a note from your mortician.

Design work is a daily reminder to stay present and pay attention. Every detail matters. The cumulative effect of those details makes the magic happen.

My professional and life experiences have proven to me that understanding the emotions and demands of each person in every project is the backbone of success. This understanding is as important as any amount of style and talent.

I am deeply grateful for all I have been invited to learn and do and all I have been invited to create!