Flower Class: Saving Hydrangea

19th Jun 2019, author: Petals and Twist

It is hydrangea season. Everywhere the big headed showy blossoms from deepest purples to snowy whites call us to use them show them love them. First thing to know: Hydrangeas are thirsty creatures and I mean thirsty. They do not like being out of water. They will show you that pretty quickly. So you get yours home from the hedge outside or the store, don't wait to put away the groceries or answer a text. Cut the stem at an angle to provide the greatest surface for the water to meet the stem. Put your blooms in a clean vase with warm water and the magic potion'(aka flower food or sugar and a titch of bleach) and place it where ever your heart desires. If things go well you will need to recut and put in to clean water with the potion every couple of days. But alas these fussy ladies will wilt for no apparent reason. They are swooning towards the garbage can. But wait don't do it!! There is help. Here is what you do and believe me, trust these photos, it really works. Boil water in your kettle. Get a clean vessel , a glass or another vase, rinse it out with boiling water to 'sterilize' it and then fill it with the rest of the boiling water. Recut the stem of the wilting hydrangea on an angle and put it into the boiling water. And wait. And wait. And wait. In about an hour maybe less maybe a bit more you will touch the head of the hydrangea and it will be plump and back to full bloom. This also works for roses and dahlias. Boiling Water.
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