Happiness is ….

16th Jun 2019, author: Petals and Twist


What it feels like when all your digital assets are in place. New shoes do this too. When your  website feels right and  you actually think you begin to understand social media (emphasis begin) well glee is the only response.. When you have a group of entrepreneurs who generously share themselves, their experiences and  team up behind you to support you.  Now my work begins and begins and begins again everyday.  Thanks and a big shout out to  @BosDigital for creating , Debra Mathias @www.connect-to-clients.com for teaching,  Wanda @TimelessPhotography for supporting.  @StephanBaity for talent and tales. @RonnellRichards for holding the space.  See you soon.

(Thanks to the unknown brilliant eye that took this photograph!)
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