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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. To the  wage earning moms and the moms who stay at home, to the moms fighting for their lives, fighting for their family fighting for their sanity. To the moms who have passed and to those who are about to be Happy Mothers Day. Happy Mothers Day to the women who want but can’t and the women who chose a different path. Happy Mother’s day to Step Moms and Moms by proxy. Happy Mothers day to the Grandmothers and Aunts who mother their charges with care and caution. Happy Mothers Day to all in the village raising a child. Happy Mothers Day to the damaged and the nearly perfect in equal measure. Happy Mothers Day to those who doubt their skill and to those who are skilled but still doubt. Happy Mothers Day to the planet that nurtures us all despite our continual abuse of the shelter she provides. To the mothers that are warriors and to the mothers that curl under the covers Happy Mothers Day. Happy Mothers Day to the men that mother, to the Moms who are still kids.

It is an awesome experience to acknowledge every single person who cares for another’s well being, giving of themselves, giving everything, leaning in to the struggle that is much of life. To give all this so that one day we are simply able to leave.

Mothers Day is the day we come back and say thank you.

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