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Sources for awareness, sources for learning from others can come from unexpected places.


My friends  @BosDigital  introduced me to @Canva.   Canva is a great resource for graphic templates for any number of digital and print media. They make your work and you look good.


So, I signed up.


Earlier in my junk folder, I found one from a woman named Michelle at Canva on how to make your graphic design stand out.


Reading what she advised, it reinforced my belief that everything we see comes into our brain and influences how we feel, touches every experience we have.


I also realized by shifting a few of her words around the why and the how Site/Space Design can help us personally and professionally became easier to describe.


Every client meeting, social situation, physical space, experience has a personality.  We ought to speak to it directly and specifically.


By visually telling a story the moment the occasion can be subtly and fully experienced with a more positive outcome.


Scaling up the most important part of our meetings, events, experiences spaces; shifting the focus onto what is most important allows people to feel not just see what we are wanting them to know about us, our work, our vision and values.



Using color and contrast to direct attention are the strongest tools in the tool box

By designing our meeting, event, space, with balance and flow we enliven the senses.

Using negative space literally. figuratively and visually, we encourage movement, inspire creative thought, make for breathing room.


Being trapped in a chair whether in a business meeting or wedding makes for inertia and non-engagement. Being trapped visually to a blank wall or monitor, being crowded in where our personal space is winnowed to nothing causes us to retreat not expand.


We are not our best selves under those constraints. Subtle composition or scaled up full on DESIGN enlivens us and maybe a little magic can happen.

Thanks Michelle and http://www.canva.com for your email.

I just love gifts like that.