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Petals and Twist

What color is March?

About 6 weeks ago I put up a color board of green and white. I didn’t realize then that February’s rains and the effect on the mosses around my home had gone deep into me. The vibrancy of each moss mound, elk horn and fern, reindeer and shag carpeted the rocks and fallen tree logs and filled the eye with the temptation of softness.  The white came secondarily almost shy in the form of puffy cumulous clouds and Hellebores blooms.

March is a hard month; short timer disease gone mental.  The cherry blossoms are riotous, the daffodils are fiercely resisting the last of the winter wind storms, the purple crocuses pop up then wither away  all while I am wrapped in a down coat and Ugg boots. How can I have all the hay fever of spring looking like the Michelin Man. Unfair. So I was prickly enough to say that March does not have a color but that would not be true.

Yesterday we had a windstorm that was bold and dramatic: the Macbeth of winds. As the winds calmed, the white caps softened the world was suffused with a sparkling light that bathed the sky and trees in gold  and illuminated the raindrops with silver brightness, haloing everything with a promise of warmth. So though I started out with the intention of giving March the shaft by posting a color board of jewel tones, I find instead the need to offer a small obeisance offering for the beauty this last month of winter provided.


silver and gold




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