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leslie's story

“There is no simple way to explain the pure joy I feel when designing spaces.  Making an empty space feel warm and welcoming or  the sense of excitement stepping over the threshold into a store that is filled with the beauty of the perfectly placed objects. To create this, every step requires  intention and intuition to achieve this  peaceful and balanced setting.”

Leslie knows that her aptitude for design is a mysterious gift that was nurtured by her past professional experience. She worked for years in the film business beside some of the most gifted artists in the world. Oscar-winning cinematographers taugher her how to frame a scene, and now she helps people like yourself design spaces with intention.


Visual Merchandising

My job is to entice and tempt the curiosity of the customer visually,  drawing them inside the establishment to explore.

A VM’s success  will be measured by how that directive is executed  in a timely fashion and in a visually compelling way.   Comprehending the why, facilitating the flow and successfully delivering  ( the how) the creative message is what I do best.

Home Staging

The purpose of staging a home to sell is to generate  emotions  within a potential buyer that allow them to see and then want to be living in this home. 

I have found many ways to maximize prized objects or repurpose dissonantly designed furniture into something ubiquitous for all buyers. It’s hard to do but it is so satisfying when the trust begins to flow.

Space Reimagined/Space Redesigned

Whether it is your whole home you have been in for 15 years or the den your teenagers abandoned when they went off  college you feel, you want, you need to refresh your space. To wake it back up.

There are many ways I can help you through consultation only, to working together to transform the space into something entirely fresh and new. And no it need not be the cost of an interior decorator whose work is far more complex than refreshing need be.

Prop Styling (Commercial/Personal)

Having an experienced prop stylist on hand to aid the photographer and the lighting techs saves time and money while increasing the photographer’s ability to deliver a beautifully curated image.

Whether a Headshot or a product shot it all comes down to the details. Having a professional prop stylist on hand to make suggestions and help contribute to the design of the vignette enables the client to have their product shot subtly enhanced and felt.

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“If I could bottle Leslie up and carry her in my pocket, I would. And if I did, I’m quite certain my life would be more colorful, more stylish, and more all- around fabulous thanks to Leslie’s good influence. Leslie has an uncanny ability to know just what you want, even without you saying it out loud. She knows people, she knows flowers, she knows lighting and space and vibe and the importance of having everything look just so. She is it.”
– Bess Kennedy


“Petals and Twist was prompt, easy to talk to, and completely professional at every turn. Leslie did a great job of talking me through the process of envisioning what our flowers might look like by sending photos along with the descriptions. On the wedding day the space began looking nice, but by the time the flowers were delivered and the tables were filled with flowers, everything looked truly stunning and even more beautiful than I had imagined!”
– Jaadi and Jeffrey


“It’s all about the details; showing you care enough sends people away with the feeling they matter, Or that what we see affects our attitudes; how P&T helps you foster the goal of connections and a festive mood. We can’t say enough about Leslie and her team. They come highly recommended. Love what you do for BOS Digital, it is so valuable.”
– Jeff Robinson


a note from leslie

Thank you to those who have shared your kind words. Design doesn’t like to be controlled, it likes to be seen and felt. Design wants to express things in its own way. You’ve given in to the beauty of design and have seen things reimagined. I appreciate you.

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