Process and Price.

Your budget is not a limitation, it is your guide. Budgets offer challenges often directing us towards wonderful options that would otherwise not have been discovered.


Package Pricing can seem attractive. One number and you are done. As long as there are no changes. It is simple, uniform and that works well for some couples. What a package cannot do is satisfy your specific needs.


Your flower story needs to work within the context of all the other design choices you are making. From the colors you have chosen, the save the dates, the invitations, bridesmaids dresses and so on. For some idea on how different flowers and sizes of arrangements can affect your budget, contact me.

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Getting Going.

1. Let’s talk and set a time to meet in person if possible.
2. Send me pictures. Pictures of what you are loving, ideas for your dress, your save the date, etc. Everything that resonates. Send me pictures of what you don’t like too. In turn, I will send you pictures.
3. A preliminary quote will be created based upon our conversations. We use it to narrow down and hone in on the key elements, alter what may not be in your budget. For example, identify where flowers used for one thing, can too, be used again for another.
4. Rest time. Keep in touch. Watch if there is a change in taste or direction. I will keep checking in with you.
5. When appropriate, I will create a mockup of the centerpiece we have been discussing to translate our words into a 3D creation.
6. Finalize a working budget.
7. Sign a letter of Agreement listing out the scope of work.
8. Let’s go make pretty!

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“You are amazing! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!!! Words cannot express how much I LOVED the flowers. They were simply exquisite. I was in tears of joy when I first saw my flower bouquet and all the flower corsets. And the dinner table and wedding cake flowers were beyond my imagination beautiful. Our wedding could not have been any better. Thank you for making it happen.” 

 – Amy Benson


Petals and Twist was prompt, easy to talk to, and completely professional at every turn. Leslie did a great job of talking me through the process of envisioning what our flowers might look like by sending photos along with the descriptions. On the wedding day the space began looking nice, but by the time the flowers were delivered and the tables were filled with flowers, everything looked truly stunning and even more beautiful than I had imagined!” 

– Jaadi and Jeffrey

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We hope you have enjoyed what you have seen. There are many other photos and ideas available that we would be happy to share with you. We look forward to providing you with inspiration, guidance and a sense of comfort that comes from making well-informed decisions.

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