Leslie channels these talents and integrates them with the special experiences, details, and personality of her clients to produce special moments to delight and inspire—never losing sight of the big picture.

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If I could bottle Leslie up and carry her in my pocket, I would. And if I did, I’m quite certain my life would be more colorful, more stylish, and more all-around fabulous thanks to Leslie’s good influence. Leslie has an uncanny ability to know just what you want, even without you saying it out loud. She knows people, she knows flowers, she knows lighting and space and vibe and the importance of having everything look just so. She is it.” – Bess Kennedy

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We hope you have enjoyed what you have seen. There are many other photos and ideas available that we would be happy to share with you. We look forward to providing you with inspiration, guidance and a sense of comfort that comes from making well-informed decisions.

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With a journal, it’s easy to flip back and forth between pages as associations and insights pop out. Explore Leslie’s design process through visual journaling.

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